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Summer Sounds Network – Track Release Process and Other Related Information

1. It’s my first release ever, What’s the process ?

The track release process at Summer Sounds network is very simple. The track is released under “A Creative Commons License” which simply means we allow any music network or Youtuber outside of Summer Sounds platform to share, use and monetize their content with one strict exception which is to make sure the author using our content gives appropriate credit to the artist and our network. We give them permission/rights to promote/upload our releases to YouTube & Vimeo only. Anything outside of YouTube/Vimeo like (SoundCloud, MixCloud etc) they are required to contact us directly at “SummerSoundsDemos@gmail.com” and obtain permission.

2. Will my track be distributed on all audio platforms including “Spotify” and “Itunes” etc ?

Yes Absolutely, We do all the work on our end to make sure every track released on Summer Sounds network gets distributed professionally on all audio platforms, which includes “Spotify” as well.

3. Can I “artist” create or provide the cover art ?

Yes, Absolutely you can. You are certainly allowed to share your ideas on a completed cover art with us at any time for any of your releases at Summer Sounds as long as we approve them as well. You can also share background photos or images with us to your liking when we are creating the cover art for you with the exception that the photo/image is free of copyright and can be used commercially with no attribution required.

4. Can other promotional networks promote my Summer Sounds release ?

Yes 100% they can, License to promote and obtain permission can simply be found on our website here SummerSoundsMusic.com/License

5. What do I benefit from releasing with Summer Sounds Network ?

Very good question, Currently We have various other networks who distribute and promote music on a larger scale than us. They also  have their eyes on our network for upcoming music and undiscovered talent. Summer Sounds is a great opportunity to highlight your creations on our network especially when you are starting out in the music scene.

6. Can anyone steal my song or release again on a different network ?

No, If a track gets an exclusive release through our network at Summer Sounds, No one can steal and release it again, That is illegal !

7. Are all uploads on Summer Sounds YouTube Channel free of copyright ?

Approximately 99% of the tracks/songs that get uploaded to our channel on YouTube are free of copyright with permission obtained by labels/artists to promote without any limitations. The other 1% of the tracks are promoted with monetization permission but are copyright protected, The best way to find out that 1% “copyright content” is to check the description of the upload/video on our YouTube channel.

8. What is Summer Feels Radio w/Kevin Lidder and How Do I get on it ?

Summer Feels Radio is a monthly radio session on our network at Summer Sounds which consists of tracks uploaded to our YouTube channel including exclusives and our releases each month etc. We get a lot of requests from artists to do these sessions and we do the best to accommodate you for our future monthly SFR sessions.

9. What is the difference between a Premiere and a Promo ?

A track premiere simply means our lable gets to upload and promote the track first on our YouTube channel and SoundCloud page excluding distribution (we leave that up to you). Promo is promotion to your track/song through our network on our YouTube channel only.

10. Do you submit Summer Sounds releases to other networks for promotion ?

Yes we certainly do. We submit all Summer Sounds releases to various other promotional networks on YouTube and SoundCloud.

11. Do you have a release contract / track agreement for artists to sign at Summer Sounds ?

Yes, We certainly do. Summer Sounds Network has an outlined track agreement contract for artists to sign which is normally negotiated with each release accordingly.

12. Can we be friends on Facebook “Summer Sounds” ?

Yes absolutely we can, Facebook is a great way to network and that is how we build relationship to work together and help the family grow. You can even submit your demos directly to me on Facebook if you like, Go ahead to add or connect with me through my personal account on Facebook at https://facebook.com/Kevin.Singh.Lidder

13. Who do you work with when distributing Summer Sounds releases ?

We use “Routenote” for all of our distribution process and track release. We have been using Routenote for five years now and have nothing but positive things to say about their services. We highly recommend them to other promotional networks and independent artists, when asked.

14. What is Routenote and why use it to distribute your music across the world with this platform ?

The answer is quite simple. Routenote’s distribution plans have been specifically tailored for you. They work hard to make sure you get more but pay less. They also take the time to get to know the artists and provide the most competitive, bespoke service available in the music industry right now. They are constantly working hard to help you achieve more and make the right choices for your career.

Summer Sounds teamed up with Routenote in the year of 2015 and never looked back. Five years later, We are honored to say that our relationship with Routenote has grown exponentially and continue to use this service for all of our distribution needs. If you are an artist who is looking to distribute his/her creation on all audio platforms then look no further and join Routenote. Below we have provided our special referral link and code that you will need while setting up your Routenote account.

Copy/Paste this link on to a new tab and sign up now: https://www.routenote.com/signup_page/design

Be sure to use this referral code: 2f73b72e

If you need any assistance in setting up a new account w/ Routenote – Feel free to contact us via email at SummerSoundsDemos@gmail.com or message “Kevin Lidder” on Facebook.

We are always here and happy to help :)

15. Do you have a demo submission page instead of an email ?

Yes we do, We highly recommend everyone to submit their demos to our submission page on our website. You can email them to us as well if you like. The demo submission page can be found on our website here

16. How often do you check the demo/submission emails ?

Summer Sounds demo submission emails are checked every Sunday of the week. We also make sure that we reply to every single email that comes through to us and If for any reason you do not hear from us then please be patient and wait till the second Sunday of the following week.


We look forward to hear from you very soon :)